Rick Donahoe for RSD School Board


Rick Donahoe at Hanford High graduation

I make decisions based on “What is best for students.

I am committed to Richland School District’s mission to prepare students to be critical thinkers, have choices in their education, be contributing members of society, and successful in the global community.

I actively solicit input from parents, teachers, citizens and students. I am “Accessible and Available” to meet with anyone. Our community needs to collaborate together to engage parents and voters in the schools.

The 294 school boards in Washington State are governed by the Revised Code of Washington (18A.150.230) to “be held accountable for the proper operation of their district to the local community and its electorate.” I fully believe in this requirement.

The Richland School District provides a safe and secure learning environment. Our students should learn academic and social skills while being encouraged to be involved in school athletics, service groups, clubs and the arts.

I look forward to continuing to earn your trust as we work together.

Rick Donahoe volunteers in RSD schools

Serving on the Richland School Board means looking at the big picture without a personal agenda. Board members must be committed to programs, resources, and personnel that will meet the needs of each student.

My focus is to provide “equity” for all students-giving each student what s/he needs to be successful.

I am an “Active Listener” and solicit input from parents, teachers, students and the community.

I apply my 38 years of business experience to effectively oversee the school district budget.

I am proud of the new priority goal for the Richland School District, ”Expand Student learning for All, While Reducing the Income-Based Achievement Gap.